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Cybersecurity Action Month Calendar

September 29: Kickoff Event @ Big Grove Brewery - Iowa City

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October 4: Cybersecurity Action Month Kickoff Webinar

This webinar will help take you from cybersecurity-aware to cybersecurity action. We will begin with an industry update on the latest cybersecurity news. This will be followed by a discussion that helps guide you in setting the right foundation for your cybersecurity program and next action steps to improve your program moving forward. 

October 6: Vendor Risk Management

  • Video: Understanding Vendor Risk Management
  • Guide: Navigating Vendor Risk Management
  • Infographic: Business Email Compromise

October 13: Employee Cybersecurity Training

  • Video: Establishing a Cybersecurity Culture
  • Guide: Employee Security Training Planner
  • Infographic: Reporting Suspicious Activity

October 20: Incident Response Planning

  • Video: Creating an Incident Response Plan
  • Guide: Incident Response Flow Chart
  • Infographic: Can You Spot the Phishing Email?

October 27: Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Video: What is BIA and Where Do I Start?
  • Guide: Business Impact Analysis Planner
  • Infographic: One Click Can Be Costly


Cybersecurity Action Month Kickoff Event

Join us at Big Grove Brewery & Taproom to officially kick off Cybersecurity Action Month!  

  • Thursday, September 29th
  • 3:00 - 5:00 pm
  • 1225 S. Gilbert Street, Iowa City
  • Networking, Drinks & Appetizers